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Alifef Ambassadors are partners who educate, raise awareness, provide support; and advocate by using their platform to help spread the message of

"Mental Health is Wealth."

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Meet Tory White

Tory White is a Mental Health Professional and Faith Counselor. She is the CEO and owner of Creative Pathways Counseling & Consulting.  Her Mission Focus is; ‘to provide guidance, education, and training for creative living in the many phases of life.”

She uses four (4) pathways to resolve personal pain; Balance, Healing, Integration, and Wholeness.

Tory believes that showing her clients how to use their creativity helps form new, healthier coping skills and gives new options for continued healing and growth.

Tory is the Director of her own Ministry; Our Father’s Business, where she supports women in business with personal growth.

Tory got involved with

Another Life Foundation as a way of networking and speaking engagement opportunities.

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