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Peer Mentoring Project

Another Life Foundation is dedicated to helping those battling with mental illness and suicidal behaviors.


Our Peer Mentoring Project (PMP) provides assistance, encouragement, inspiration and support to those suffering from mental illness.​ 


  • Our goal is to support and assist the underserved in the community with exploring education, housing, and employment resources and providing peer support/mentorship. 

  • Our vision is a community of improved  mental health and wellness; and a community achieving self-efficiency. 






















As revealed by these statistics, homeless individuals suffering from mental illness are trapped going in and out of the criminal justice system. Because of the lack of mental health services.  

Our volunteer peer mentors are dedicated to improving these statistics by assisting these individuals with housing, education and employment options.  And also by encouraging mental health and wellness,  providing assistance to mental health resources, and supporting recovery.


Through the collaborations and referrals from other community organizations, criminal justice agencies and court facilities. Our peer mentors are able to reach individuals with lower or no income,  for example: 

  • those recently exiting incarceration,

  • those experiencing homelessness.


Our peer mentors have similar experiences as those of the community they are assisting.  And they are trained and have knowledge of all the relevant facility- and community-based services available. 

Their duties include:

  • a listening hear,

  • being a friend (amicus),

  • providing empathy and support,

  • being an advocate,

  • providing assistance for those needing help applying for Social Security benefits,

  • providing assistance with searching and applying for employment opportunities,

  • providing assistance with searching and applying for housing opportunities,

  • adherence support,

  • routine appointment reminders,

  • follow-up for missed appointments,

  • tracking of those lost to follow-up.

Would you like to speak to one of our peer navigators?

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According to Colorado Springs Independent magazine article titled, Mental illness can trap homeless in justice system. It states,  “Because of the lack of mental health services,” Luehrs says, “people ... who would and should be in housing getting supports — their housing is prison and their supports are prison guards.”  This article also adds that Andrew "Romanoff, who is now president and CEO of the nonprofit Mental Health Colorado, people with mental illness are liable to stumble onto a dangerous, well-traveled path: from job loss, to homelessness, to addiction; then committing a crime to support a drug habit, and finally incarceration. "

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